Here’s Looking at Euclid

Took me several months to finish this one, and I finally did a couple weeks ago. I particularly liked Chapter 4 the Life of Pie and Chapter 7, Secrets of Succession.

I’ve always like how pi has digits that go on forever, since it is an irrational number. The Secrets of Succession chapter covers sequences of numbers. It mentions the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, which I had never heard of before. For example, the Fibonacci sequence has many notes, while other sequences are not as full.

I am reading another book that connects numbers with physics, and I learned that Fibonacci was not his real name. “The man’s full name was Leonardo of Pisa, or Leonardo Pisano in Italian. He was born in about 1175 in Pisa, a Tuscan town famous for its Leaning Tower. The name Fibonacci [pronounced fib-on-ach-ee] is short for ‘filius Bonacci’ or ‘son of Bonacci.’”

Overall, if someone is mathematically inclined, it is a fun read.