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History of the Science Library Domain

From 2001 till at least December 22, 2009, I had the domain set up in my personal space at the University of Denver as a URL redirect to:

Because of the way that DU redid personal website links (around 2006 or 2007), the internal links no longer work, so these are the internal pages at:

I also saved the content to the Archive at various times.

Then in 2009, I learned that I could have Tumblr host it as a blog, and I could have the URL redirect there instead of redirecting to my personal webspace at the U of Denver. But, Tumblr had a less than stellar reputation in the blogging world.

So, in November 2020, I moved ownership of the domain from Network Solutions to Reclaim Hosting. This is where you see the website now. I hope I can keep it here for more than another 10+ years.